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About Us

The oldest associates of Montreal Locksmiths still remember the times when locksmith service did not demand such crazy rhythms as today. The locks were much simpler and the needs for security minimum. Though, crime rates increased a lot during the last decades and technological means related to our business have evolved greatly as well. As for emergency locksmith services, they have become extremely important and our company has created a great infrastructure that can support our technicians’ work 24/7. 

Montreal boasts for its educational system and it has many achievements in the world of science and research. At the same time, Quebec boasts for plenty Nobel prizes in the field of science and has a high concentration of high tech companies. In such high class environments the expectations for great security measures and advanced technology locks and devices are also high. 

At Montreal Locksmiths, we have the pleasure of working with some of the best professionals and each one of them specializes on a certain domain of locksmith. Today, most of our clients have at least one car and house and some of them own their own business, which are trying to protect through one single locksmith company. Our teams can handle an emergency lockout, replace the lost key, update your security system and make the necessary lock changes. When you live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, the only thing missing is working with one of the best locksmith companies of the country.