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Rekey Locks

Every lock problem has a solution. When people move into new apartments, houses, or offices where the locks are in a good condition, we rekey locks in Montreal. With that service, we aim at providing you with a new key to operate the door. This way, you won’t worry whether or not ex-tenants would ever dare to use their old keys to enter your property. But you can also turRekey Locks Montrealn to our Locksmith in Montreal when your key is stolen. In this case, our job is to make sure that the person who got your key won’t have access to your property.

We provide emergency lock rekey service

If you lose your key or move to a new place, call our company to rekey locks. In the case of missing and stolen keys, we provide the service urgently. The idea is to prevent strangers from stepping foot in your home or office. And our ultimate goal is to cut a completely different key. Now, in order for this key to work with the door lock, the lock’s configuration must change. And that’s what rekeying is all about.

Call us if you want a master key system

At our company, we rekey all cylinder locks in Montreal, Quebec. What we do is change the pins of the locks so that they will enable the new key to enter and turn and thus unlock and lock the door. Since we are experts in rekeyed-locks, we can also help you if you want a master key system. This is when you want a master key, which will open all doors, for your manager or super, but also servant keys for the occupants. The latter ones will only open one apartment or office door.

Our pros rekey locks to your satisfaction

We always travel with key blanks and the best equipment available for key change and rekeying. Our techs pay attention when they cut the new key and make sure the edges are smooth and the key fits well in the freshly rekeyed lock. We know which key replacement to use and how to do the job right. With our experience and fully equipped vans, your request for higher security is covered to your satisfaction. So, if you want pros to rekey locks in Montreal, get in touch with us.